Transphobic aggression in the Plaza de Chueca

Transphobic aggression in the Plaza de Chueca Transphobic aggression in the Plaza de Chueca

Soul Alfonso: «Today I have suffered my third assault for transphobia on public roads«

GAYLES.TV.- soul alfonso was attacked last Friday, around 16:30 p.m., when she was performing at the Chueca square. A man approached her and threatened to kill her while grabbing her by the neck. «Your music bothers me, you fucking fag, you're not a woman«Snapped the aggressor. Alma reports that this has been the third assault due to transphobia that he suffers on the public highway and as a transgender activist he has wanted to make public what has happened to him to show the day to day that the transsexual collective has to face even in places like Chueca, considered safe for people LGTB +.

The aggressor kept telling him that «it was not a woman" and that "should be dead«. In addition, he tried to hit his dog and even destroyed the amplifier with which he usually acts. «My boyfriend got the worst of it«Continues the young woman. His partner, who was accompanying him at that time, tried to interpose himself between the alleged aggressor and the complainant and, in return, received the blows from the accused.

Transphobic aggression in the Plaza de Chueca«Luckily in the end everything was left in the middle of my destroyed equipment, my boyfriend's arm bruised and the little Mantra (your dog) safe and sound«, Concludes Alma. All this after both she and some of those present who were there at that time alerted the Police about what was happening. Once arrested, the victim filed a complaint at the police station for a hate crime.

Transphobia in Chueca

As you advance Europa Press, the accused is a person with alcoholism problems and this was not the first time he had insulted him, since he is usually around Chueca, but it was the most serious assault. «It happens that I have been making music on the street and making my transition, something that there are people who are not capable of understanding. This type of situation has been happening due to the laundering of the extreme right and the speech transexclusive of a minority part of feminism. These hate speech towards the group facilitate this type of situation on the street. Trans people are a reality, not a theory and human rights are above all«, Has wielded Alma.

After the attack and the complaint in networks and to the police Alma started a campaign of through crowdfunding with the aim of raising 500 euros for a new stereo that a few hours later had already collected more money than was requested.

Transphobic aggression in the Plaza de Chueca

Source: The Confidencel, We are Chueca

Photography: ACN (Anna Berga)


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