"Until I'm dead, you fucking fagot"

Homophobic aggression: brutal beating of a young man in León "Until I'm dead, you fucking fagot"

Brutal beating homophobic to a young man in León

GAYLES.TV.- Last Sunday at the 04: 45h in the early morning a young man from 23 years suffered a brutal Homophobic aggression en León. The notice was received at the 091 of the Leon police station: a young man was on the ground, bleeding profusely, in Azabachería street in Humid neighborhood. It is suspected that the aggressors were part of a neonazi group.

The event was announced after the broadcast on social networks of a 21-second video that captures a moment of the beating. The recording shows how several people brutally assault the victim who is on the ground, with his face bloody and practically unconscious. During the beating, cries like “fagot","motherfucker" or "Until he is dead, we kill him".

Once unconscious, a woman's voice shouts "that you stop now«. At that moment, the aggression ceases and the youths withdraw, leaving the victim to their fate. The victim was kicked, punched, stabbed and cut to the neck. He was rushed to the Hospital of León with serious injuries. He was discharged last Tuesday.

La National Police has opened an investigation to try to identify and locate the perpetrators of the brutal beating. According to the newspaper El País: "From the beginning of the investigation until now, the police do not treat the case as a crime of hate or, specifically, of homophobia, although the investigation continues its course«.

In this link you can see the brutal beating, we warn of the hardness of the images containing:


Source: El Español, El País

Photographer:The Spanish


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