Homophobic aggression in Jaén: “This happens to you for not having tobacco and for being a faggot”

Homophobic aggression in Jaén Homophobic aggression in Jaén: “This happens to you for not having tobacco and for being a faggot”

A young man reports a brutal homophobic attack in Jaén: three young people beat him shouting "faggot"

A new homophobic aggression has taken place in the province of Jaén. According to what the victim reported, there were approximately 05:00 a.m. from last sunday 18 February in a nightlife area near the Health Center in the neighborhood of Boulevard, riding a Jaén capital, when three young men, approximately 20 years old, asked another young man for tobacco.

He told them that he didn't have one, that he only had a vaper, to which he received a slap in the face. «This happens to you for not having tobacco and for being a faggot."He heard while the beatings continued, accompanied by insults like «fagot" Y "dumbass«. Before the beating, the victim shouted that she was going to call the police. Police and at that moment one of the young men snatched his cell phone and threw it away while they continued hitting him.

One of the attackers even took an object from a nearby container to hit him on the head with it repeatedly. The blows only stopped when the young man, who wants to maintain the most absolute anonymity, was motionless and lying on the ground. «Stop, we have killed him"One of the attackers said to the other two. They then fled in the direction of the nightlife venues in the area.


Homophobic aggression in JaénThe victim states that when he managed to regain consciousness he called the emergency services of the 112 and moved to CBulevar Health entrance to be treated for injuries suffered to the head, face, side and leg.

He reported everything that happened the next day in the Police Station of the National Police and Corps agents have already opened an investigation to try to find the aggressors. The young man who was attacked is very affected by the situation and they ask that if anyone was in the area or saw anything that could help him find the aggressors, they should contact the Police.

La International Human Rights Foundation has called on society as a whole to «put an end to attacks that, without a doubt, are totally unacceptable«.

Homophobic aggression in Jaén

Sources: La SextaJaen Today

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