A young man is attacked by his brother and father for being gay in Mallorca

A young man is attacked by his brother and father for being gay A young man is attacked by his brother and father for being gay in Mallorca

The grandmother of the young man attacked by his father and brother in Palma for being gay was injured while separating his grandchildren

About 50 people they concentrated yesterday in the center of Palma de Mallorca by the collective LGTBI before the recent murder of Samuel and the homophobic attack on a young man by his father and brother: "We have to unite to stop the hate«. «It is what has triggered this concentration, but the saddest thing is that we are suffering between two and three attacks every day. What is happening at this point is intolerable«, Defended Laura Duran, president of Balearic Islands Diverse, the platform that organized the event. The president of the Government, Francina Armengol, has made some forceful statements of condemnation about the aggression suffered by the young man.

As reported by sources of the National Police, the events took place on Saturday around 17.00:XNUMX p.m., at the grandmother's home, where a discussion started over the victim's homosexuality. During a family meal the two brothers got into a heated verbal argument. At one point, the little boy began to insult the oldest by uttering all kinds of homophobic insults and a clear disregard for the victim's sexual orientation. «You're a fucking fag«, He shouted over and over again before the permissive gaze of the parents. According to the newspaper Last minute, the brother told the victim «All you fags are the same, I would shoot you»

Family homophobia

Both of them pushed each other, taking the sticks of a broom and mop to attack each other. At that moment, the parent took the child's side and began to beat the teenager. While the father held the eldest, the little one took the opportunity to hit him up to six punches and kicks. The mediation of the grandmother was necessary to put some sanity and stop the violence. For a long time, the belittling and harassment of the boy's sexual orientation have been constant in the family. From the statements of those involved and some witnesses, it appears that this violent episode is not the first time it has occurred. The grandmother herself confessed that the treatment her grandson is receiving for the simple fact of being homosexual is not normal.

The 18-year-old victim denounced her father and brother for assault. Following the complaint, the 51-year-old father and one of his 14-year-old sons were arrested for insulting and hitting his other 18-year-old son because of his sexual orientation. The man and the minor could be charged with a hate crime.

La Grandma The victim's report later corroborated the young man's complaint, who said that he had been attacked by his brother and father for being a homosexual. The young man who was attacked suffered various injuries for which he had to be treated at a medical center. The victim stated that her little brother regularly assaults, harasses and insults her because of her sexual condition and that her father does nothing to prevent it, and has also attacked him at times.

A young man is attacked by his brother and father for being gay


Sources: Last MinuteDiario de Mallorca

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