Aequalis LGTB, best practices in diversity management

Aequalis LGTB, best practices in diversity management

The Aequalis Report is presented in Barcelona, ​​best practices in LGBT diversity management

GAYLES.TV.- The second edition of the Aequalis Report, best practices in the management of LGBT diversity, drawn up by the association Gender and LGBT Lab. For the first time, a Catalan version of this good practice manual has been produced. The founder of Driversity and academic director of Aequalis, Margarita Alonso, highlights a piece of information for reflection: «Only 39% of people feel free to leave the closet completely in their company».

Juan Juliá, President of Axel Hotels, presented the act in which they intervened Mireia Mata, General Director of Igualtat de la Generalitat de CatalunyaSara Berbel, General Director of Barcelona Activa, and Sílvia Casola, Assessora Tècnica d'Igualtat i Ciutadania de la Diputació de Barcelona. Among the public were representatives of the unions CCOO y UGT, from the observatory for equal treatment, SVSAssociació Catalana d'Empreses per a Gais i Lesbianes,  ACEGAL and other social agents. It also counted on the presence of Joan Cortadellas, from the Marketing Department of Vichy Catalan, one of the companies highlighted in the report.

El annual report Aequalis, best practices in the management of LGBT diversity in the company, the 25 2017 of XNUMX was presented at the Palau Robert in Barcelona and can be downloaded for free at:



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