Adopted Fezco, the dog abandoned for "being gay"

Adopted Frezco, the dog abandoned for "being gay" Adopted Fezco, the dog abandoned for "being gay"

They abandon their dog in a shelter for believing that he is gay: «We saw him riding a male«

an american family abandoned his five-year-old dog, for a delusional reason: they thought he was homosexual after seeing him ride another male dog. The dog was rescued by Stanly County Animal Protection Services in Albemarle, North Carolina.The story of Fez soon made headlines around the world, drawing the attention of Steve Nichols and husband John Winn, who live not far from the shelter.

"I was in shock", He said Nichols when I first read about Fez in the news. “We have been together for 33 years, and in 33 years we have faced the same ignorance, the same intolerance, but we talk about it and we think: 'This time we are going to do something about it'". Nichols He called the TV network, and the reporter covering the story helped him get in touch with the shelter. The couple signed the adoption papers for Fez less than 48 hours later.

Abandonment is a criminal offense

Adopted Frezco, the dog abandoned for "being gay"

Fezco's previous owners had found him sexually dominating another male dog, leading them to believe he was gay. Animal abandonment is never justified and in addition to a type of animal abuse, it is a crime. Abandoning a pet in conditions that could endanger its life or integrity is a punishable offense.

The behavior of Fez It is very common in some animals, riding a dog of the same sex can be a game between them, a method of domination and control to gain respect and it is even common in neutered or sterilized dogs. Furthermore, according to Scientific American the Homosexual behavior has been observed in more than 1.500 species of animals, such as elephants, giraffes, dolphins or penguins.



Adopted Frezco, the dog abandoned for "being gay"

Sources: La Vanguardia20

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