The most generous gay adoptions

Alba Luca Trapanesae The most generous gay adoptions

Gay couple adopt three brothers in Argentina who had been in a home for seven years waiting for a joint adoption

GAYLES.TV- Adrián Urrutia, of 43 years, and Fabio Bringas, of 31, were facing the Congress of the Nation the 15 of July of 2010 when the Law of Equal Marriage was approved in Argentina. Four years later they got married and always dreamed of starting a family. They registered in different registers with the will to adopt.

"At the end of August, 2011 enrolled individually in the Registration of Neuquen Adoption because we were not married yet. When submitting the documentation, we commented that we lived together, so they unified the files since, from the law of equal marriage, they recognized us as a family", Explain Adrian.

Adrian and Fabio adopt three brothers NeuquénThey only responded court of Mercedes. There were three guys from 16, 14 and 12 who had spent seven years in a home waiting for a joint adoption. The older sisters immediately accepted to meet them but Diego, the youngest, refused because the peers bothered him because of the sexual orientation of the future parents. For three months, they went collectively to visit them at home until finally the five of them went home.

"Beyond the logical fears that there are three preadolescents and adolescents, you immediately start thinking about them because it is not our right to be parents but the right of the boys to have a family"They declared Adrián and Fabio.

Gay single adopts girl with Down syndrome rejected by 20 families

The case of Luca Trapanese, 41, was also very emotional. This Italian, single, gay and practicing Catholic adopted in 2017 to Alba, a girl with síndrome de Down which had been rejected by 20 families. Now he has recounted his experience in the book «Born for you«. Alba was abandoned by her mother shortly after birth and thanks to a change in adoption laws in 2017 Luca Trapanese He was able to enter the lists to adopt even when he was single.

«They told me that they would only give me children with illnesses, severe disabilities or behavioral problems, a child that would have been rejected by all traditional families«, He assures, that he was in complete agreement with that condition. «I said yes immediately«. Alba He was only 13 days old and completely revolutionized his life: «Now everything revolves around her. It brought me happiness and a feeling of fullness. I'm proud to be his father. It was never my second option. I loved her"He concludes.

Luca Trapanese Alba

Source: with the BBC, 20minutos, All News

Photographer: Isac Nobrega / AFP


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