"Divines of Death", the comic by Ralf König

"Divines of Death", the comic by Ralf König

The success of Ralf König lies in his sense of humor about everyday life 

GAYLES.TV | Jaume Vidal, Editor in Chief of Culture of the newspaper The Punt Avui, analyzes the latest installment of the most international comic author and has best reflected the gay universe, Ralf König. In "Divine of the death»Takes up some of his most recurrent themes.

ACCA Jaume Vidal

Jaume Vidal recently won the award ACCA (Associació Catalana de Crítics d'Art) to art criticism for the section Critical situation, of the supplement Culture From the newspaper Avui. The award has been granted "for dedicating a wide and permanent space to art criticism, and also for his in-depth interviews with thinkers of different generations and thinkers."


Sources:  The Punt Avui

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