"A secret Love": a lesbian couple hides their love for 65 years

secret love netflix "A secret Love": a lesbian couple hides their love for 65 years

Netflix premieres "A secret Love", a documentary that tells the secret relationship of a lesbian couple for 65 years

GAYLES.TV.- When Terry and Pat Gays were known to be persecuted and excluded from society, there were raids to criminalize them and damning announcements in the media. In the late 65s being a lesbian was being out of the system. Like many women of her time they chose to hide their love story and to the outside world they were a couple of good friends who lived together. It took XNUMX years for them to communicate to their families that they were a couple.

And precisely the nephew-grandson of Terry, Chris bolan, who was in charge of documenting its history for seven years sponsored by the content magnate LGTB + Ryan Murphy and released in Netflix. The result is 112 minutes of tenderness and history through daily life. The documentary deals with a very little discussed topic such as lesbianism in old age.

"She means everything to me"

secret love netflixIt also portrays women's sport at a time when they defied taboos by playing baseball. Terry and Pat they met in 1947 in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League when they were only 18 and 22 years old. They both fell in love, but were forced to keep their relationship a secret for their own safety. Terry inspired the movie starring Madonna y Geena Davis «They strike«. But at that time the issue of homosexuality was not discussed because it was not public.

«Secret Love« It shows the conflicts with their counseling families, the struggle they are going through to decide whether to get married or not. Even how in the face of aging and disease, their love remains as strong as the first day. Terry and Pat they were accompanied for more than 65 years until Terry sadly passed away in 2019 Parkinson's disease. But still, their love remains. "What does she mean to me?"Says Pat in the trailer when asked about Terry. "She means everything to me."

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