5 LGTBIQ+ Movies that you can watch on the Fire!! 2023

5 LGTBIQ+ Movies that you can watch on the Fire!! 2023

The 28rd edition of the Show Fire!! will take place 8 al 18 de junio 2023 in Barcelona

La Show Fire!! returns Barcelona of the 8 al 18 de junio 2023 to offer the best of cinema LGTBIQ +. The festival has been promoting diversity and inclusion in cinema for 28 editions. This 2023 the motto chosen is «Love conquers all«, which claims the power of love in all its forms. More of 50 movies (between documentaries, short films and feature films) can be seen at the main headquarters of the French Institute, in the Girona Cinema or in The film.

Here you can buy the tickets for the Mostra Fire!!


David Wagner
Austria (2022)

Sergeant Major Eismayer is known and feared as the toughest officer in the Austrian armed forces, ruthless to recruits and unwavering in his discipline, order and manly toughness. However, when he begins to fall for Falak, a new recruit who shamelessly accepts his homosexuality, Eismayer's closet life is turned upside down. For a man like him, loving another man cannot match his vision of the model soldier. Will he choose to protect his tough guy armor above all else or will he be able to follow his heart and his true desire?

Eismayer is inspired by a true story. He addresses the issue of the stereotyped image of men and explores the extent to which sexual orientation is automatically associated with certain conventions and social roles.

Little Mal

Ruth Caudelli
Colombia, Spain (2022)

On Saturday, June 17, we will be able to enjoy the screening of PETIT MAL, together with its director Ruth Caudeli and the actresses Sílvia Santamaría and Ana María Otálora.

The polyamorous relationship between Martina, Anto and Laia falters when Laia must be absent for work reasons. Martina and Anto must face their new relationship as a "couple". The absence of Laia will generate in them two new dynamics. But how strong and true is the love of the three? Will they manage to overcome adversity and stay together when Laia returns? In Petit Mal, Ruth Caudeli opens the doors of her own home to show how, in a threesome, the relationship of three women suffers from the absence of one of them. This true fiction shows how they deal with loneliness, jealousy and how they must adapt when three become two.

Jimmy in Saigon

Peter McDowell
USA (2022)

Jimmy in Saigon begins as a personal investigation into the mysterious death and radical life of Jimmy McDowell, a 24-year-old American Vietnam veteran who died as a civilian in Saigon in 1972, when filmmaker Peter McDowell, his brother, was only five years old. . To investigate Jimmy's drug use and sexuality, Peter takes us from the Midwest to Vietnam, France and back home. In his quest to meet his brother, he discovers a hidden passion, new family ties, and an extraordinary love story that crosses borders.


Manuel Abramovich
Argentina (2022)

Lalo is a sex-influencer: he posts photos of his naked body and homemade porn videos for his thousands of followers on social networks. Lalo directs her own life, but privately, out of character, she seems to live in a permanent melancholy. Where does desire itself go when life becomes a sexual show? Pornomelancholia takes pornography as a starting point to reflect on the relationship between sexuality and work, on being public and feeling alone, on the characters we build of ourselves to show ourselves (or hide) from the world.

I am madly loving you

Alejandro Marin
Spain (2023)

Seville, 1977. At a time when homosexuality is a crime, Reme, traditional mother of an aspiring adolescent artist, will have to face the Andalusian LGTBI movement, paradoxically gestated within the Church. Director Alejandro Marín – after the acclaimed series Maricón perdido (we were able to see the first episodes at FIRE!!) and the wonderful short film Nacho no conduce (also programmed at FIRE!!) – presents his first feature film, shot between Seville and Barcelona, ​​with this portrait of a mother capable of anything and of overcoming her prejudices for the love of her son.

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