30 years of the Tapís AIDS Memorial to Catalonia

The Born CCM commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Projecte dels Noms

El AIDS Memorial Tapís It will originate in 1987 in the USA with the objective of making visible the immense human loss that is affecting the statistics of people dying as a result of AIDS. Family members and friends from different countries around the world will join the initiative and it will be in 1993 when the NGO Projecte dels NOMS He is going to promote Catalonia.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the AIDS Memorial Tapís a Catalunya, a display of 250 tapissos memorials, grouped into 30 sections measuring more than 3 x 3 m., will be displayed on the balcony of the interior of theancient mercat del Born; The covers, configured from scraps, motives and names of people who died from AIDS, encourage us to reflect on the impact, stigma and discrimination faced by victims of HIV.

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