25 years of Panteres Grogues

25 years of Panteres Grogues

It all started with a yellow ball ...

GAYLES.TV.- LGBT + sport is celebrating in Barcelona. 25 years ago that the Club Esportiu Panteres Grogues. It all started with a beach volleyball team and a yellow ball. Currently there are about thirty sections that make up the club. Among its values ​​is diversity and inclusion, that everyone feels comfortable playing sports and enjoy it. In addition, it defends the rights of the community and fight against LGBTIphobia. The XIII edition of Panteresports, the club's multi-sport tournament. They tell us Jonas Ljunggren (President of Panteres Grogues), Paul of the Pope (Member and Manager of the Male Volleyball section) and Brenda Ruiz (TransPerú).


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