# 21MProuRacisme online!

Gayles.tv joins the # 21MProuRacisme online campaign! 2020

GAYLES.TV.-  Marsha P. Johnson was Rosa Parks of the LGBT + movement. Beside Sylvia Rivera confronted the police in the riots of Stonewall (1969) that marked the beginning of the LGBT + fight. In July 1992 his body was found floating in the Hudson River.

From Gayles.tv we join the campaign # 21MProuRacisme online! and the online demonstration called this March 21, 2020, on the occasion of the day of the UN against racism and within the framework of the international appeal of #WorldAgainstRacism.


# 21MProuRacisme

Source: Images from the documentary «The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson»

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