# 17 M: 14 Entities, 14 demands

platform-LGTBIcat # 17 M: 14 Entities, 14 demands

The Platform of LGTBI Entities of Catalonia presents the campaign «14 entities, 14 demands»

GAYLES.TV.- The Platform of LGTBI Entities of Catalonia, a federation that groups 14 LGTBI associations from all over the territory, and which has its headquarters in the LGBTI Center of Barcelona, presents the campaign «14 entities, 14 demands«. The initiative wants to collect the clamor of different organizations with a long history in the field of care and the fight for the recognition of LGTBI rights. Thirty years after the World Health Organization (WHO) remove homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses, Platform LGTBIcat warns of the vulnerable situation of LGTBI people in the face of the crisis caused by covid-19. Confinement and temporary deprivation of liberty exacerbate existing discrimination, as noted by international human rights organizations such as OutrightAction International y ILGA Europe.

That is why the Platform wants to raise its voice and transmit the feelings of the fourteen member entities of the Platform under a positive and transformative approach.

The prohibition of conversion therapies, the guarantee of health rights and access to education, as well as the continuation of the fight against discrimination in different areas of people's lives are some of the requests made in this Bell. Given the current social situation, the president of the Platform, Joaquim Roqueta, it states: "LGTBI people and other vulnerable populations only have the laws as a defense, so it is now more important than ever that the governments guarantee our rights through legislation. That is why we demand in the Government of the Generalitat the approval of the decree of the regulatory procedure of the sanctioning regime provided for in law 11/2014 to guarantee LGBTI rights and to eradicate homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, and the creation of the coordinating body for LGTBI policies for greater effectiveness in their implementation".

Demands of the entities of the LGTBicat Platform:

-ACGIL: Churches also have to respect LGTBI rights and freedoms. Enough conversion therapy!

-AMPGIL: Families and school are the first door to inclusion, we ask for educational resources for a childhood and youth free of LGTBphobia.

-BARCELONA GAY MEN'S CHORUS: “Because no person feels that a song is not for them. We want more lyrics, dances, movies, plays that educate against GTBIphobia ”

-LAMBDA CASAL: We demand more access to information on LGTBI reality for young people, adolescents, deaf people and people with functional diversity on equal terms to the rest of the citizenry and specific training by teachers in school settings with safe spaces and free of LGTBi-phobia!

-FAGC: 30 years after May 17, we demand that the prohibition and sanction of conversion therapies for LGTBI people be regulated.

-FLG LGTBI FAMILIES: «We demand the inclusive adaptation of ALL administrative documentation and to ALWAYS be able to register our children without suffering institutional violence. LGTBI families exist and we will not tolerate being ignored any more! »

-ENLLAÇ FOUNDATION: LGTBIphobia also occurs in a time of pandemic, encouraging those who work for public health and LGTBI older people.

-GAIS POSITIVE: Serophobia is a discrimination that is closely linked to LGTBIphobia, normally when you are a victim of serophobia it intensifies in the case of being an LGTBI person. This May 17 we shouted very loudly: Enough #Serophobia! Enough of #LGTBIphobia!

-GAYLESPOL: Stop LGTBI + discrimination in the workplace, the police are a reflection of society and have to be a diverse #police.

-GAY SITGES LINK: We want all the measures of law 11/2014 to be applied and promoted in each and every one of the 947 municipalities of Catalonia and for the rules and sanctioning regulations to be developed.

-GENEREM: «We demand active employment policies for trans people with direct incentives to companies and administrations. Precariousness kills us »

-AND: We demand the immediate approval of the Regulation of the Sanctioning Regime of Law 11/2014 and of the Coordinating Body of LGTBI Policies.

-GROGUES PANTERS: LGTBIphobia in sport is difficult to see, but it exists. It occurs in various formats: macho, homophobic, insult, stereotypes and discrimination behaviors. We want sport to be a space free of inequalities and discrimination, where everyone feels free to be who they are. We have the right to live sport without fear, without violence and without discrimination.

-STOP AIDS: We demand the right to equal employment opportunities. Gender identity and sexual orientation can NOT be a reason for discrimination against companies, but rather a personal, social and business enrichment.

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