10 Good News 2020 Brought Us

10 Good News 2020 Brought Us

Bye 2020: 10 good things for the LGTB + collective that leaves us this year

GAYLES.TV.- Many have been the news related to COVID-19 that we have published this year on Gayles.tv, since the first, nine months ago, about the vulnerability of the LGTB + community to the effects of COVID-19 , on how it affects the LGBT + seniors at LGBT + migrant people, studies related to PrEP, and up to 32 more news related to COVID-19.

But 2020 was not so bad. We have selected what most positive of 2020, because believe it or not, there has also been positive news:

1. Marriage equality in Northern Ireland, Switzerland and Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the first country in Central America to approve equal marriageLove kept winning in 2020 when Northern Ireland, Switzerland y Costa Rica they joined the growing list of countries where same-sex couples can legally marry.

"THEWe tried to change the law, so that it would appreciate all couples and families equally and now we have succeeded, first with civil marriage, then with religious marriage and now, finally, with the conversion of the civil couple "said Patrick corrigan, director of Amnesty International Northern Ireland.

"Dignity, is the conquest of our dignity", he claimed frame castle, lawyer and activist of the rights of the population LGBT + en Costa Rica.

2. The Movement Against Conversion Therapies Accelerated

Therapies to cure homosexuality in MadridAround the world, a growing number of states and countries introduced bans against so-called conversion therapy. Germany, the state of Virginia and CDMX prohibited the "devious practice”For minors, while Albania implemented a total ban.

Additionally, hundreds of religious leaders joined calls for conversion therapy to be banned around the world.

3. The Trans Law advances in Spain

Reform Law Trans Congress of Deputies Gayles.tvThe future Trans Law aims to end the pathologization of transsexuality and will include gender self-determination. The goal is to end a “historical and systematic discrimination towards this group".

The document with which a public consultation was opened highlights article 14 of the Spanish Constitution that guarantees non-discrimination against transgender people and article 9 that orders the public authorities to eliminate obstacles so that this equality is real and effective.

4. The Parliament of Catalonia unanimously approves the Llei d'Igualtat de Tracte i No Discriminació

Llei per la Igualtat de Tracte i No DiscriminationThe approval of the Llei d'Igualtat de Tracte i No Discriminació driven by Government of Catalonia establishes a common and comprehensive regulation that includes the fundamental definitions of the right to equal treatment and non-discrimination, and the basic guarantees that allow real and effective protection of citizens to be achieved, so that they can enjoy human rights and freedoms fundamentals without discrimination, regardless of any personal or social circumstance.

5. The historic judgment of Title VII of the Supreme Court

Historic US ruling to protect LGBT + workersAnother great victory LGBT + occurred in June, when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that people LGBT + They have the right to protection against discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The ruling extends protections against discrimination in employment on the basis of sex known as Title VII to the people LGBT + in all 50 states, a huge step forward for equality after Republicans paralyzed it in Congress.

6. The Oscars introduced an LGBT + representation quota

2019 LGBT Gay Oscar AwardsIn September, the agency that delivers the Academy Awards announced that starting in 2024, films that nominate the Oscar must comply with a set of off-camera inclusion quotas that include representation LGBT +.

The new standards show the desire to change an institution long criticized for being too straight, white and masculine.

7. Donald Trump was defeated in the US elections

270 Million dollars to spread LGBT + hatred in the worldThe biggest victory of 2020 belonged without a doubt to Joe Biden y Kamala Harris, closely followed by the community US LGBT +, which will soon have a president who will fight for its rights instead of constantly undermining them.

The presidency of Biden will bring a much needed moment of peace for Americans queer, starting with the Law of Equality that you promised to approve within your first 100 days. It won't be the antidote to all the poison Trump, but it is certainly a start.

8. The European Commission launches a plan to stop discrimination and hatred against the LGBT + population

The European Commission launches plan to stop discrimination and hatred against the LGBT + populationLa European Commission presented this Thursday a plan against discrimination and hatred towards people LGBT + to strengthen the rights of same-sex couples, given the “worrying trends” in Europe, Especially in Poland. "The attack on rights LGBT + it belongs to the manual of authoritarianism that has no place in the EU"Said the vice president of Values ​​and Transparency for the European Commission, Vera Jourová.

9. Elliot Page declared himself trans

Elliot Page, formerly known as Ellen Page, has announced on social media that he is transgenderElliot page, formerly known as Ellen Page, announced on social media that she is transgender. Through a statement, the actor nominated for Oscar and protagonist of The Umbrella Academy wrote this text:

«Hello friends, I want to share with you that I am trans, my pronouns are he / they and my name is Elliot. I feel lucky to write this. To be here. To have reached this point in my life«.

10. GAYLES.TV turns 7

Gayles.tvWe are seven years old, during this time we have received 2.502.041 visits from all over the world, sometimes from remote places. We never thought we would go that far. We like to inform and provide visibility, enthusiasm and pride to all lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans *,  intersex, queer ... and anyone who believes in freedom and understands diversity as a value to fight for.

This 2020 has been disastrous, not only because of the covid-19 virus, but also because of the virus of the extreme right, intolerance and a certain stubborn feminism. In spite of everything, we continue in the gap.


Sources: Pink News, Gayles.tv

Photographer: Pink News, Gayles.tv

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