10 Years of Pride Barcelona 2017

10 Years of Pride Barcelona 2017

The 10 edition of PRIDE Barcelona 2017 gathered more than 50.000 people

Gayles.tv Video | Last Saturday, July 8, Barcelona hosted the PRIDE Parade, the parade of pride, as a final climax to a week full of activities.

In this tenth edition, PRIDE Barcelona He turned to the world of sports, to fight against LGTBIphobia in sports with the slogan «Pita lacks LGTBIphobia«, Involving associations Panteres Grogues and Dona Sport.

The parade started from Plaza España and went through Paral·lel until it reached Moll de la Fusta, which was the nerve center of Pride Barcelona, ​​where the Village and the Main stage were located.

We collected testimonies among which are the Minister of Health Antoni Comín, the Director General d'Igualtat Mireia Mata, the second Deputy Mayor of Barcelona Jaume Collboni, the caporal of the Mossos d'Esquadra Joan Miquel Martínez, Alfred Bosch of ERC, Katy Pallàs of the LGTB Family, the activist Jordi Petit, Paulina Blanco of Fundació Enllaç, Toni Travieso of Panthers Grogues, Jordi Sánchez of OBK and Santiago Gonçalves of INPROTUR than with Gustavo Noguera from CCGLAR attended the Argentina Tourism float led by Miss Trans from this country.

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2 opinions about "10 Years of Pride Barcelona 2017"

  1. Very good video and excellent editing, I expected you to have focused on ACATHI who also do their work with gay immigrants, we are a small but fighter group. Successes

    1. Hello Walter, yes, you are right, I am sorry that you did not leave this time, but do not think that we despise your work. Unlike. Here is the video of the Mani 40 # where the Acathi banner and some declas of Rodrigo Araneda come out several times: https://gayles.tv/w021/comunidad/barcelona-se-manifiesta-40-anos-despues/
      I leave you a report that we did: https://gayles.tv/w021/comunidad/acathi-diversos-en-origen-iguales-en-derechos/
      Thank you also for your comments!

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