028: Telephone against LGTBIphobia

028: phone against LGTBIphobia 028: Telephone against LGTBIphobia

Equality wants to launch a "rainbow telephone" against LGTBIphobia at the beginning of summer

El Ministry of Equality works so that from this summer there is in Spain a telephone of counseling and prevention of LGTBIphobia. The General Directorate of Diversity and LGTBI Rights is finalizing the details of the caller "rainbow phone”, which it intends to launch in the months of June or July and which will be a state service that will include legal and psychological assistance and general information on LGTBI rights. The intention of the department headed by Irene Montero is that the number is 028, although it is not yet closed, confirm sources from the ministry.

The idea is that it be an easily memorable number and, in the case of 028, also symbolic. On June 28 of each year, LGTBI Pride Day is celebrated in commemoration of the riots of Stonewall. This new service resembles the 016 for victims of sexist violence. Anyone can call to receive help or information related to LGTBI rights: assistance to victims of discrimination, hate crimes or intra-gender violence, emotional and psychological support, legal advice, assistance to LGTBI migrants and asylum seekers and employment and educational guidance, especially for trans people. The objective is that it be a personalized accompaniment that can provide information about the resources and services available to those who request it.

24 hours, 365 days and free

028: phone against LGTBIphobiaThe service will attend 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and will be free and accessible, inform sources from the ministry. It will be available in various languages ​​and, like 016, by different means: both by telephone and by email and online chat. In addition, the same sources explain, “It will be provided in collaboration with the autonomous communities and referring to the services available in them” and will implement collaboration protocols with the social entities that already provide these services.

Until now, these have depended mainly on the LGTBI groups. In fact, during the lockdown State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans and Bisexuals (FELGTB) activated what it also called the "rainbow line" to serve in the context of the health crisis. “It is about reinforcing the care map for those territories where it is not being offered or where it is not being done at all times and every day of the year.", They point.

The Ministry of Equality had advanced last December its intention to launch this resource due to the increase in complaints of hate crimes against the LGTBI group accumulated in recent years. According to figures collected annually by the Ministry of the Interior, in 2020 there were 277 complaints of hate crimes motivated by LGTBIphobia, however, we must bear in mind that it was the year in which COVID broke out and was marked by social restrictions. In 2018 there were 256 and 278 in 2019. However, it is the tip of the iceberg because most of the attacks are not reported, the groups point out.

028: phone against LGTBIphobia

Sources: elDiario.es

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